Be safe with Create unique debit card number
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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Secure your real credit card and create a unique debit card number for every single purchase online with just 1 click. Never worry again about credit card breaches, shady merchants...

There has been an increase in interest in ways to transact more securely in light of recent events and data breaches. Virtual payment cards are one way to spend more securely and privately online.

Secured way to Pay with credit card online: provides a service that enables you to checkout on-line while not sharing your real credit or positive identification data on-line. we have a tendency to enable you to use any name and charge address with the merchandiser you'd like, thus your non-public data remains secure and personal.

All tiers embody our good virtual cards, browser extension, and mobile app, as with privacy's extension allow you to remmber your credit card linked with privacy, easy to set and fill payment forms with simple click, then proceed secured payment.

Powerful payment tools with Privacy’s core product can invariably be free, and if you’re dreaming massive, we’ve still got you coated. Features must you know it :

  • Create up to 12 cards per month
  • Secure merchant-locked & single-use cards
  • Set spend limits, pause and close cards
  • Our awesome browser extension
  • Access your data through our API

Soluion for Non trusted website:

privacy allow you to generate different cards for multi-use, especially for websites or new services that you don't trust them yet, it's more safe to make this card used and charged only one time, even service is a scam you will not lose all your money in your credit cards, also you will be not forced to report your card as stolen and proceed to get new card each time like what happened with me before my trip, i found myselt stacked 15 days waiting my new card cooked and resent to me.

Let Know more Spending Limits

One of the best options of Privacy cards is that the ability to line a defrayment limit. you'll be able to set total defrayment limits on each single-use. pro cards you'll be able to additionally set limits per charge, per month, or annually.

So that TV streaming service that prices $10.99 per month? Set the pay limit to $11 then choose 'Per month' and ne'er worry regarding being beaked double or upgraded while not your consent.

Do you have a take-out drawback and you wish to confirm you don’t pay an excessive amount of this month? Set your Seamless card to $50 per month, and management your budget in spite of your Pad Thai cravings.

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