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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Progressive Web Apps is a comprehensive combination of a mobile app and a web page. Its super technical and most advanced features create an impressive user experience for the customers as it bridges the break between the conventional E-Commerce Website Development and a modern-day mobile app. It is a website that delivers mobile app-like features, where the fittest features from websites and mobile apps are extracted and highlighted in a PWA to provide the best user experience ever.


The digital experts of this tech-driven era predict PWA to be the future of Dynamics 365 E-Commerce. But why is that so? In this article, we’ve surveyed some facts and figures explaining how PWA has influenced and transformed the way businesses operate. Let’s go through them;

  • Debenhams- One of the most prominent fashion brands has observed that just by adopting PWA, their mobile revenue boosted by 40%, and they saw a 20% rise in the conversion rate.
  • Starbucks- They acknowledged that their everyday active users increased by 2X following their PWAs launch, while their orders on the desktop are roughly the equal as mobile now.
  • Trivago- Observed an addition of 97% in click outs to the hotel offers. While buyers go offline while browsing, 65% of them come back and proceed to window-shop.

Presently, the question rises – Why PWA is essential and why influential brands like these preferred to launch a PWA?

The Importance of PWA; Why does your business need one?

If you are not benefiting from the power of PWA, it means you either use a Magento E-Commerce Development website or a mobile app to operate. However, we’ve listed below some reasons why launching a PWA is essential over websites or native apps.

Websites aren’t Mobile-Friendly

The tech-savvy users of this digital arena don’t find the idea of using a website much appealing. The reason? Websites aren’t mobile-friendly enough.

No matter how actively you work on making your websites mobile-friendly, some issues manage to arise, no matter what. Problems like delayed load time of mobile pages, unfriendly navigation, and clickable features not being optimized, etc.

Technically, a user hardly takes around 0.05 seconds to judge whether they admire your website or not. And that’s a very short-term period if your website is stuck, or a buyer does not find a CTA easily.

There’s one appealing feature of a PWA in instances like these; It fits in any room, be it a desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatsoever is coming on the way. The surprising fact – It provides an almost similar experience to each of the users, regardless of their device. Hence, directly eliminating the concern of your platform not being user friendly enough.

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

For digital marketers your blog is really helpful. Thanks!


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