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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Making money using SimBox become a world race like bitcoin mining, while bitcoin mining clim the scale to become a legit source a revenue in some countries, not the case of sim box.

What is a SIM box used for?

Have you ever received an international call or SMS supposed to be received from international predefined location but the number calling you appeared as a local call or sms by local number instead of the international format? Well, some fraudster is fraudulently making that call possible using a Simbox device, except that the call quality is very poor, a lot of delays, because it’s a forwarded calls, illegally routed from original itinerary to final destination following another pathway, it’s like hacked line to intercept call and sms then forward to specific channel typicall a screen company that monetize communication and remunerate the simbox owner for each call or SMS intercepted.

How SimBox Work?

SIM Box is control device with back-end software or hosted server illegally used for GSM termination fraud business with purpose to generate revenue using illegal mechanism to by-pass the proper channels to register international calls terminated in the country, so the SIM Box units disguise in-bound international calls as local calls or local sms, making as though the call or messages is coming from a local number, here the Telecom Operator company does not get any revenue for their assets, In this case, the telecommunications companies do not generate financial returns by losing the intercepted call and diverting it over the network to an anonymous provider who illegally benefits from the agreed call tariff, thus the victim telecommunications company is obliged to pay very substantial amounts of the reconciliation related to International communication.

What is the Sim Box Device or Sim Box Bank ?

A SIM Box is a full electronic circuit to handle cellular communications like mobile phones, but this device house multiple unregistered SIM Cards may reach 10 to 300 works simultaneously, and each special antenna for sending and receiving to intercept calls and messages, the device works according to special software Specially prepared to penetrate the communication network and access to mobile communication routers in the network so that the call is intercepted before passing on the router through which the call passes to the telecommunications company and redirected to the SIM BOX device, which ensures the transfer of the call through one sim card that were placed in this device, and thus Similar to a Trojan-Horse that make telecommunications company a victim of piracy through their own SIM card authenticated as authorized subscriber to access the network, Scammers use SIM Box equipment, to bypass the system and redirect incoming international calls, thereby making them register as local numbers or calls, there the operator find himself forced to pay legally for calls that never passed to his own network, and to detect that kind of piracy, operators deals with specialized companies to find and detect a simbox inside the network that make the SIM Boxes fraud a serious problem away of government controls.

Grey-Routing Scam

This is the main functionality of SimBox device used to illegally terminate in-bound international calls, executed through a grey-routed SIM number, as this piracy operation called also as “ grey routed number” defined by fraudulently terminated calls or grey routing scam, always is connected to the internet and in coordination with independent overseas telecommunications carriers who route calls looking for the least cost route, because that SIM Box fraudsters can offer cheaper rates because they are not a legal entity and have no overhead costs, nor do they pay any taxes to government, is for that fraudsters’ use of illegal SIM Boxes to avoid paying regulatory fees for incoming international calls.

Risks and negative impact of the piracy of international communications:

For simple case there is no Danger for simple users, apart from the poor quality of the call, but we categorize SIM box bypass damage under 4 main categories:

  • financial and revenue damage for telecommunication operator
  • infrastructure and service quality damage.
  • security and privacy damage.

Security Privacy danger

  • operator revenue loss, The licensed telecom operators of the country also lose revenue, which could kill their business, when a call is diverted through an illegal SIM box, the originating phone number is stripped away, even the telecom system sees is the phone number of the illegal SIM card, not the actual originating number from the foreign country almost considered as a normal call and not suspected.
  • Poor Quality: As the normal mobile network are sometimes using a very outdated and low quality sound codecs (such as the GSM HR and FR codecs), a SIM box may provide local quality with superior sound quality.
  • SMS Messages are Compromised , In addition to phone calls, the security of SMS messages is also compromised by SIM Box bypass.  This issue is especially troubling today now that bank notices and other confidential information are regularly being passed to mobile subscribers via SMS.

Sim Box Detection:

All telecom operator are concerned to detect and fight simbox inside the network to prevent dammage and financial loss, the revenue Assurance department take in consideration the interconnect Fraud Detection‎ by hiring specialists in this field.


Detect the main means of fraud: simbox, OTT bypass, etc. These techniques make it possible to reroute calls over the Internet (VoIP technology, WhatsApp type messaging), Telecom companies seek to combat piracy through contracting with companies specialized in telecommunications security, network protection and the detection of Sim Box devices planted to intercept calls, by monitoring Services in Billing Verification, SIM Box Detection, manage and analyse telecom operator data for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection activities



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