Facebook launches new App for its smart Portal screen
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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Facebook has developed its Portal application with visual communication in mind, offering Facebook users a new way to video chat with their friends.

The new application is for users who do not like text messaging via Messenger and prefer to talk to friends, Facebook Portal is the ideal device for that.

Now that Facebook has decided to run the standalone Android app for Portal, the user will now be able to manage the images and videos he wants to store on the smartphones better, and install the application on the phone for users to send images directly to the gateway's Superframe.

Users can use the Portal application to connect to the smart home speaker and talk to family members. Or people at home can be added to the portal so they can use the Smartphone with their Facebook accounts.

The Facebook Portal application is a neat application that makes it easy to take advantage of the Smartphone on Facebook by adding new functionality to the device.

The new Portal application can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android and from the Store Store for iOS.

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