British telecom company EE launch 5G in UK
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Friday, May 31, 2019

British Telecom Company "EE" just became the first in the country that launches the Internet fifth-generation (5G) high-speed without selling "Huawei" group of Chinese mobile giant.

The British operator EE has just announced the launch of a 5G offer from May 30 in six cities in the United Kingdom. To do this, EE has partnered with smartphone providers equipped with Qualcomm modem.

The 5G race continues, and the operators on the ranks surround the Hexagon. This time, it is the British EE which announces a availability of its network 5G in six cities of Great Britain from next week. The operator is thus a snub to Vodafone, which has certainly announced the arrival of its 5G offers on the UK territory first, but from 3 July.

And if its competitor has partnered with Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei (for now) to provide compatible 5G smartphones, EE has forged a partnership with suppliers equipping their terminals Qualcomm processors. OnePlus, Oppo and LG, whose 5G smartphones are equipped with the Snapdragon X50 modem and the supplier's Snapdragon 855 chip. The HTC 5G router - also equipped with the Qualcomm chipstet - for connecting terminals to a local network is also offered by the operator. "Starting today, EE customers can pre-order a 5G smartphone on EE Smart 5G plans. Plans start from 10GB (£ 54 per month) and extend up to 120GB (£ 74 per month), "says the operator in a statement.

The launch of the offer, on May 30, will be in six cities at first: London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and . By the end of 2019, EE plans to offer its 5G subscriptions in ten additional cities. EE's 5G network will use band n78, which was auctioned earlier this year in the UK. The operator built it on its 4G network. This means that the overall 5G experience of EE customers will be able to benefit from the quality of 5G and 4G networks, but to watch that this promise to provide 5G is not a simple 4G + disguised ... As for the supplier of 5G equipment, EE remains very discreet. The Register just managed to know that Huawei had been discarded for the core network but will provide many relay points.


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About EE

EE is the largest and most advanced mobile operator in the UK, delivering mobile and fixed communications services to its customers. EE is part of BT’s Consumer business unit which provides products and services to all of BT’s consumer customers in the UK. EE runs the UK's biggest and fastest mobile network, offering superfast 4G in more places than any other operator after pioneering the UK's first superfast 4G mobile service in October 2012. Today, EE’s retail presence exceeds more than 600 shops across the UK.


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