Reasons to run a test before sending emails
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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

When it is the topic of an email marketing campaign, some people say that they have already tested their email template recently and it is up-to-date. They used it for many times and it was good, nothing has been changed yet. Some of them also say that they tested it internally but the truth is- every email needs to be tested before sending. There are a lot of factors related to email campaigning.

Your subject line, links, words, images-everything matters here. So, when you are going to send an email, you must run a test before sending it. After sending the email, you can do nothing actually if anything happens, unfortunately. Remember that your emails are highly related to your brand fame, selling target, and everything. It will affect your sales and the success of your campaign. You can visit some blog pages like to learn more about email marketing.

Reasons to Run a test

If you are using a pre-designed template or writing the words consciously, still now you need to run a preview check before sending emails to clients. Why? The reasons are given below-

Most of the time, the problem arises from the email design and you know the plain text of the email cannot impress the reader’s mind as like designed text. But the problem is email clients drop support without notice. Sometimes, you may experience that your designed HTML and CSS attributes are out of date. A simple bug in the design can arise inconsistency on the view of a different view on desktop, mobile or email apps or it will not pass through the spam filters of different email clients.

It is sure that you will insert a lot of link into your email. It will take too much time to check them by clicking on every link given in the text. If your subscribers go on a 404 page by clicking your link, it will ultimately ruin your hard work. To avoid those faults, you must run a test on different email preview services. It will obviously save your time and lead to success.

A recipient takes 3-4 seconds to decide either he will open the email or not. So, your subject line, the preview text is very important here. If you use any emoji, then be sure that it is supported in every email service providers. Never create a subject line or preview text that looks spam.

When you are working with images, be sure that they are properly placed. Some images are blocked for the privacy policy or users’ preferences. For those situations, use alter text correctly. You need to be sure that the alter texts work correctly when the image is missing.

If you have dynamic content on your email, you need to be sure that it is not broken. This type of content test is very important for your email campaign. You can run a test easily taking the help of email preview service providers. A single fault in your email can ruin all of your effort and money.

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