DIY Your Canvas Bag
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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Gone are the days that DIY projects were mainly used in schools for children or by adventurous mothers who enjoyed creating projects when their children's' friends come over for play dates. Do it yourself (DIY) is becoming increasingly popular. There are many videos and small start-up operations which promote DIY arts and crafts. Often, people are seeking original and unique items, especially for gifts to others. DIY bags are great gifts for all no matter the age. They come in many sizes so they can be used as lunch bags, book bags, grocery bags, yoga or gym bags and can even be accessorized for specific outfits.

Nowadays, beautiful pieces are made that show unique styles through DIY projects. Many nifty adults who enjoy art, crafts and creativity start with simpler projects like bags which are fun to decorate. When you

DIY your canvas bag this ensures that you have a unique gift for someone special or why not keep it for yourself so that you showcase your own talents?

Heat transfers

There are many kits one can find that have letters or pictures that can be transferred using a hot iron. Most of these can be bought online or in the local arts and crafts stores. Directions are on the packages the transfers come in. Make sure the desired heat setting is on for the iron to ensure that the transfer adheres securely to the canvas.

Block or stamp painting

There is a myriad of different objects around the house that you can use for block printing on fabric bags. This is an inexpensive and creative way to decorate your totes. Examples are recyclable materials like old cans, jars and bottle tops. Dip the object into the dye and then press the object onto the canvas and design away!

No Sew Buttons, pompoms and ribbons

Many people do not like to sew and canvas is more difficult to sew due to the thickness of the fabric. Decorating the bag using buttons, pompoms, ribbons or any other accessorizing item can be done using a hot glue gun and glue sticks. Hot glue is a very good way for objects to be glued onto the bag without sewing.


Stencils come in different shapes, sizes and can be bought at arts and crafts stores. If you would like to be creative, there are many videos on how you can create your own stencils. Once you have the stencils ready, you can dab or spray fabric paints on to the bag using the stencils.

Fabric Painting Freehand

A fun decorating idea is to use fabric paint to decorate and personalize your bag. Fabric paint binds better to the canvas and lasts longer than if you were to use acrylic paints. Acrylic paint is thick and may only stick to the surface making it easier to peel off when dry. This will make the bag lose its beauty and look worn.

Tie and Dye

Tie dye is always fun. People who love different color schemes can use multiple colors and design patterns. Most people associate tie dye with spring and summer but darker shades can be used for the winter months and rusts and oranges for the Fall season.

Japanese Shibori

For those who like to see less color and more texture, the art of Japanese shibori is a wonderful way to showcase a canvas bag. Using this method objects act as a resist for the dye as sections of the bag can be tied or folded. Rubber bands hold the item in place before it is dyed.

Partial Dye

You can dip just the bottom of the bag into a bucket of dye. This will give it a contrast between the color of the dye and the plain canvas often with some fading of color towards the top of the bag.

Decorating your canvas bag will be a fun and rewarding experience. Creativity is often contagious. Once you try this the first time, we are quite sure you will have so much fun that you will look forward to creating more unique gifts.


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