9 Ways to Find the Best Green Garden Rattan Furniture
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Thursday, October 24, 2019

When it comes to decorating a patio or garden, furniture plays a big role. But opting for environment-friendly furniture can make a great difference to Mother Nature and the Earth. 


This is why green rattan garden furniture is a good option to go for. But, before buying this type of furniture, one should have a clear knowledge of the product specifications. 


Green furniture can be pretty costly, but following these tips, one can easily find an affordable green rattan garden furniture sale. 


Tips to find the perfect green garden furniture – 


1.      Look for certified wooden furniture that is sustainable 


When it comes to buying rattan garden furniture UK, wooden furniture is one of the most popular choices. While buying this type of product, always go for certified, sustainable woods. 


Wood comes from a tree, and while making wooden furniture, trees are cut down. This is harmful to the Earth as we need trees for oxygen, food and many other purposes. But, wood can be sustainably harvested, and opting for furniture made of these sustainable woods will cause less threat to the environment. 


2.      Opt for Rattan Outdoor Furniture produced from reclaimed material 


Another great example of green furniture is those that are made from old furniture. For example, going for a piece of wooden patio furniture that is made from an old wooden table or chair is a great option. This way, it is possible to get classic wooden furniture for the garden without taking down another tree. One can also use a log that has sunk to the river bottom to create new furniture and also to meet the sustainable goal. 


3.      Bamboo can be a great option 


Another type of popular green furniture is those that are made of bamboo. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows in abundance. They can be easily molded to create new and innovative furniture that doesn't have a long-lasting impact on the environment. Green bamboo furniture also gives an aesthetic look to the patio or garden. 


4.      Go for rattan furniture sale made with recycled plastic and material


In today's world, it is really a hardship to recycle plastic. This is why opting for recycled plastic furniture can be a great idea as it will formless waste and also creates a brand new item. Apart from recycled plastic, another great choice is recycled aluminum. Also, another advantage of using recycled material for making garden furniture is, it requires fewer resources and processing. But one should be aware of fraud marketers, who sell furniture made out of new material in the name of a recycled item. Also, make sure to avoid monstrous hybrids as these types of furniture are hard to repair. 


5. Choose furniture that is easily recyclable 

Environmental friendly garden furniture should be repaired and recycled easily. This is why it is always a good idea to go for that furniture that can be easily separated and recycled at the end of their life span. This way, the environment will be less polluted. 


5.      Furniture with low-toxicity is best 


Green Garden furniture should have a low toxic level. In this regard, it is advisable to opt for Greenguard certified furniture as they ensure low-toxicity. Another great way of avoiding toxic furniture is by buying second-hand furniture because they are long done with most of the off-gassing. 


6.      Small and flexible furniture is a good option 


While looking for green furniture, it is a good option to select furniture that is flexible and small in size. Also, it should also be durable. This type of rattan sofa furniture is easily available online at popular sites like whitestores.co.uk


7.      Try to buy furniture that is flame retardant 


It is a good idea to avoid furniture made with flame retardants products because they are harmful to the environment. So, while buying green garden furniture does not go for foam and go for wool, cotton as they are less toxic. 


8.      Go vintage and buy local 


Another great way of avoiding toxic furniture and to go green is by choosing outdoor garden furniture from local stores. Also, buying vintage products is another great option. 


Choosing green garden furniture is a great idea. It does a great deal of protecting the environment. So, following these tips will certainly help in finding green furniture. 


Also, buying a piece of green furniture is not enough when it comes to protecting the environment. After a piece of furniture comes to the end of its life cycle, it is important to make good and sustainable use of it. In this regard, one might opt for recycling the furniture and made something new out of it or selling it online is also a good idea. 


So, be smart and make the right decision while buying an item of garden furniture that will not harm the environment.

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