5 ways to tell if someone is lying to you
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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A common case during online dating is lying. Many people are scammed for this lying. However, you can easily know if someone is lying to you or not.


Well, there are some common ways by which you can easily catch the liar.

Do I need to be careful during chatting to find out she is lying or not? Yes, but being careful is not only required to find out the liar, but you also have to follow some steps and notice some things during dating. Here are top 5 ways to tell if somebody is lying to you.

Poor profile

The girl, who creates an online account to find her husband will surely complete her profile with the proper information for sure. She will use her original name, original profile picture and of course, she will describe herself properly so that anyone can get a proper idea about her, right?

But you will find some profile where she uses a fake name, a fake profile picture, and a poorly written bio. Sometimes, they just copy and paste the bio. They will try to use some attractive word such as sexy, hot and others to attract the people that completely tell that she is lying.

Never agrees for video call

Another sign to find out she is lying that she will never agree for any video call. So ask her for video call and if she agrees, then you will easily find out she is real or not. But in most of the cases, liars don’t want any video call. They just want to chat.

Asks questions, not shares anything about her

She will ask a lot of question about you. This is common that your future life partner will ask a lot of question. But what is uncommon is when you will ask any question, she will change the topic and ask you other question. Another thing you should remember is that she will ask question-related to your money, not related to your feelings.

Rush to leave the dating site and contact via other media

Since some dating sites have strict rules against the scammer, she will ask to leave the dating site and want to contact you through other social media. This is a sign that she is lying to you.

Ask for money

This is an obvious sign that she is lying. The girl who has minimum self-respect will never ask for money for sure. Only scammers ask for money and that is the target of them. So if someone asks for money, you can surely say that she is lying.

Verdict- what to do if she is lying?

Simply, block the woman. You should not contact her anymore. You will lose your time, money and love you communicate with a liar. But if you really love her and want to find out exactly she is a liar or not then you can take help of antiarnaques.org. They can help you find out the background of the woman. And this is the best way to find out she is lying or not. Be careful and stay safe.

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