Japan: Shops offer Muslim tourists kimonos and Hijab Wagara
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Sunday, June 2, 2019

They are welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun, which, in addition to setting the time of the Halal, multiplies the delicate attentions to make their stay an enchanted parenthesis, the Muslim tourists, from wherever they come, are  Pampered hosts by Tokyo and its tourism industry.

 While the Olympic Games of 2020, this beautiful showcase to the prodigious fallout in terms of image and notoriety, loom on the horizon, Japan, which expects to boost its economy through the organization of the largest event  sporting world, teeming with ideas, all more original and creative than each other, to attract a priority clientele.  A clientele, eager for change of scenery, who furrows more and more the vast world.

 Thus, in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, prized for its sumptuous imperial palaces, its fascinating gardens and its many Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, the kimono stores have street shops offering Muslim visitors  , in close collaboration with the local tourist office, to rent or buy a kimono with its matching "wagara" hijab.

The spokesperson of Yumeyakata, one of the national jewels of traditional kimono clothing, is convinced: these hijabs adorned with a shimmery print, typically Japanese, have everything to seduce the Muslim tourists, who will cross  all the more joyfully to accessorize them with a kimono just as fit.

 All they have to do is fold the whole thing carefully (kimono and hijab) in their suitcases, in order to keep an unforgettable memory of their holidays.  And so that the beautiful colors of their memory do not fade, maybe they even want to return to a welcoming and charming Japan to restore their brilliance.

 In any case, Kyoto is a colorful gamble and its kimono stores are a pure delight for the eyes.



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