Misleading ads spoil the integrity of Facebook Facebook Ads
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

In this post I will start with the most disturbing things for me, which are shady advertising (false ads ) that have become widespread on the most advertising platforms and social networks in the absence of censorship and control.

Some call it misleading advertising, others call it wrong, and the majority prefer to label it as unethical because it separates reality from advertising. The ad describes a certain state of fantasy that is supposed to become realistic when the viewer decides to buy the advertised product. The ad remains an ad, and the product remains as it is, without any fancies. Many may know this as a general rule of advertising in general, but others have decided not to remain silent about it.

Personal Experience:

Personally, this type of marketing has bothered me, really i am losing confidence in the advertising platforms, As a businessman, I care about which best and honest advertising company, and where my advertising will be shown, I also put full responsibility for advertising platforms before I blame the publisher, Most companies follow their own style. In marketing, and each advertisement expresses the reputation of the owner, but to spread such fake ads to customers where most of theme are users of the advertising handler, I say if the service is free, the user is the commodity, which is the case with Facebook, for example.

False Advertising in Games, Trading , Weight Loss:

We have detected on the Facebook network, especially many forms of deception in commercials ads completely shadowed for ex: mobile games, lottory , trading and weight loss...etc

This makes the advertisement misleading when the advertising message contains false information that affects the consumer's decision to push it to make a decision what to do if the knowledge of the truth of this information, since the misleading element can video, image or audio clip or written text.

Fake Ad Spot on Facebook:

I was particularly annoyed by Facebook, after seeing the company's response to support and encouraging such ads after you reported on many of the ads related mobile games published on PlayStore, Most of these games companies publish attractive videos, show games in the well designed cover, 3D and simulate the virtual reality, and after downloading the game is just a scribble does not rise to the level of malicious ad that approved and accepted to be published for the poor user.


Facebook network bias with advertiser on user account

Unless you are reporting the ad or not, nothing will change. as soon as hours pass, you will receive a rejection message and it is very normal, although 80% of the comments attack the bad publicity and manifest against the display of such propaganda and false advertising, to take down an these kind of ads you may report this ad many times, i don't know what standards they apply or number of spam report must be reached to stop promoting such ads.

<UPDATE> Finaly a Positive reply <UPDATE>

From 5 Reported Ad game only one promise to take down the misleading ad, and as i'm a user ( customer ) i have the write to report any false spammy ad, while these case are open since a long time, i guess the compaign already finished on the platform, what done is done.

Case numbers are visible for public, i hope that they will not close my profile.

>> Ad reported Rise of Kingdoms's ad ( Misleading Ads, fake Promo video )

You did the right thing by letting us know about this. While this ad is being reviewed, it will continue to be seen on Facebook. If upon review we find the ad goes against our Ad Policies, then we will take it down
Since you reported this ad, we won't show you this in the future and will take your feedback into account when it comes to future ads you see.
Please continue to report ads that you think don't belong on our platforms and are misleading, offensive or inappropriate.

Published by: Mr. Khalid .A / Algeria - Phenix Technologies's CEO


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