Huawei confirms local-made OS will see the day on 2020
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Thursday, May 30, 2019

A TechRadar source claimed that Huawei's home-grown OS, supposed to replace Google's Android, would see the light of day in June. This information has been denied by the Chinese manufacturer.

Update May 29, 2019: Huawei has denied the information of TechRadar saying that the house OS of the Chinese brand would come out in June. The manufacturer has indicated that it will not see the day before the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020, as originally planned.

Original article of May 28:

It's been a while since we know that Huawei is developing an alternative OS for its devices. Company officials had confirmed it to us. Since the sanction imposed by the United States, the Chinese brand is no longer allowed to use Android with Google services on its future smartphones.

If the US decision is not canceled quickly, Huawei will have to invest even more seriously in the development of this alternative operating system. And the firm would obviously not waste time because, according to TechRadar, the house OS would see the light of day in the course of June.

This is in any case what asserts a manager of the Middle East branch of Huawei quoted by the media. He explains that the OS has been ready since January 2018 and that it was a "Plan B". This discourse is consistent with what our own sources have indicated.

HongMeng OS :
At the latest news, the code name of Huawei's home solution would be HongMeng OS. The operating system would also be able to run Android applications, but probably not those of Google or other US publishers.

It should be noted that the release period evoked so far for HongMeng OS referred to the autumn of 2019 or early 2020. It will therefore be necessary to follow all this very closely. Note also that, if the announcement does indeed take place in June, it will probably concern only China in the first place. The Middle Kingdom is accustomed to OS based on AOSP but denuded Google services.

Finally, even if Huawei is a giant in the sector, creating a weight challenger against Android and iOS is far from a win-win.

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