Conquerors game one the biggest games in money waste world
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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Conquerors is one of the most famous strategic games in the world. It is an Arab-style online social game that tells the history of ancient empires and the kingdom struggle to and dominate lands and countries and gain control by fighting.

After the game swept the world of mobile phones, where it can be downloaded on Android devices, where the number of downloads at the time of writing this report more than 5 million downloads from Google Play and has impressed the 180 thousand people by a majority rating 5/5, and also become one of the most games  Excitement, competition and adventure on the global level. It has become a real race for domination by opening up new horizons for youth gamers to change the world by  participating in wars, through development of the army and the skills of heroes.

The idea of ​​the game is that it gives each player his own castle after linking his email with the game or by one of social network Facebook or Twitter to maintain the account of his castle safe, then player is able to play, there are two interfaces of the game inside the castle and here begins the game to develop the buildings and upgrade from level to higher level where the castle has several important buildings first  The Royal Fort and the Gate, the Academy, which includes the development of knowledge, technical and military researchs, war and defense strategies, or resource technologies, everything in the game depends  on wheat, iron and wood as basic resources for building development and research.  And skip  The various stages that take place in real time may reach up from hours or take more than a month in one of the advanced stages of development of the castle.

Inside the Casle :
There are also four basic training camps: infantry, archers, cavalry and platoon. The above training centers increase the strength of the heroes and the army from one level to another, from level 1 to level 2,  for example once the camps are upgraded to level 22 all army will be converted to level 4, and there will remains in this position until the fortress and the camps are promoted to level 30 until the rank of the army and the army becomes 5th level, the last level for the powerful army.

The other buildings are the war hall, the prison, the wishes fountain, the operation center, the market, the forgery and the traps building, storage , as well as the treatment tents where the wounded are treated by after wars, land battles or opponents' attack on your castle.

Guilde on World Map game :

Outside the castle, you found your Castle position on the world map of that divided into looks like kingdoms or countries, at the center of each kingdom you find a big Castle like a fort represent the capital as well the royal palace, and here where the war fire born each weekend, all strong guildes fight and struggle of the thrones, a big thirst for domination and power between the players, is for that 50 or 90  player and regrouping in one of the cities to form the alliance or guilde behind each Castle a real person,  as principle of the game is based on union forming brothers in arms by cooperation and defense each other, burn together and die together.

Some features of the game:
Conquerors Golden Age allow you to  select your formations led by the strongest and most famous heroes in Arab and Islamic history Perhaps the most prominent and strongest is the hero Qalawun, who created big buzz in this game in addition to Salahuddin and Abdul Rahman and Baibars, Adha, Sultan Seluiman, Hurem, Jassas and Balkis, Meryem...etc


Heros Developemet :
The game depends on the development of the castle and upgrade the experiences of heroes and upgrade them to the highest level and the research and production and installation of war equipment to increase the forces of destruction and damage to the enemy at the attack and increase the strength of defense and repel the attack and begins the color of heroes from bronze to gold, where another level is 100  And upgrade the medals to level 25 in addition to developing the skills of the hero until the fifth grade completion of the fifth Crescent, which requires the collection of 30 cards for the second level and 80 cards for the third level, and then collected 150 cards for the fourth level and finally collect 300 cards from  In order to open the fifth skill that makes the hero in his strongest and e  E are the most difficult tasks facing the players.

One Hero Cost up to 12.000$ !
And here lies the disadvantages of the game and the drop that overturned the cup, and has become the most controversial game in the Arab world, so that the cards of the strongest heroes and headed by the former hero "Qalawun", which requires development to the fifth level spent more than $ 12,000 money by shipping from  Through eTunes or online payment through the PlayStore store after linking the account to a bank card Visa Card or Master Card, as this hero and other heroes whose cards can not be obtained through participation in events and festivals or complete the challenges.

Paid Bundles in the game:
The game offers several packages to buy for real money starting from $ 0.99, $ 4.99, $ 9.99 up to $ 99 per pack. When purchasing packages you get equipment boxes and resources as well as build-time and recruiting accelerators,  A $ 99 package that offers only 10 cards per hero.

From here begins the paranoia in the game between the players either by psychological oppression or weakness of personal defeat in the fight made the players who inevitably became addicted to play and did not accept the loss of soldiers, but the pursuit of revenge made them race to pump large sums to increase the strength of their heroes and the power of castles  Or as compensation for their soldiers, which has become one of the most popular games in the Arab world and among the Turks attracted by the game history glorious, which mixed with the culture of the Ottoman Empire and the era of Islamic conquests.

The game is divided into several kingdoms starting from Kingdom No. 1 that represents the first server which when the game started, and whenever the server is enough of the players equipped the company server to open a new kingdom until the number of kingdoms at the time of writing this report more than 70 Kingdom,  The kingdom in the game are the Kingdom No. 3, which is the strongest kingdom in the game in terms of the power of castles and the long-standing rivalries between them. In this kingdom there are very strong castles. This is due to the aggravation of the shipping and buying operations with the real money that surpassed all perception,  Makes play in this kingdom almost impossible in the presence of glory castles that measured by levels of stars, post-30 level, the one castle strength exceeds 700 million of power.

Psychological oppression and paranoia behind spending:

Many players waste their money in this game in order to brag about their power in the virtual world, while many resort to spending money after suffering frustration and psychological oppression.


With respect to developers and company, gamers, Greetings to kingdom of K62, K29, and friends and everyone who contributed to this report directly or indirectly without citng names.

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Mr Khalid .A, Web Entrepeneur, Researcher in the field of e-Commerce and business.

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