Microsoft deposited Windows 7 and everyone sad by 2020
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Friday, October 18, 2019

After ten years of unprecedented success for Windows 7, Microsoft decided that this system has reached its old age and must be retired, personally I did not understand the company's decision to abandon the most beautiful and proven system so far, but it seems to have other accounts where it stated earlier It will abandon Windows 7 and is now actually embarking on this process, seeking to give a boost to the number of users of Windows 10.

Like me and or anyone who has loved Windows 7 for years and grown up with it, you will not be happy to hear the worst regrettable news that Microsoft will drop its support, To invest in this magical and distinctive version 7, in my opinion I will be forced to use only 10, because I did not like it until this moment as well as Windows 8.

Everyone cries the demise of this system and regrets and everyone will be sad, is not enough for them to be convinced that their success was in Windows 7!


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