Alexa, clear what I just said !
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Sunday, June 2, 2019

In conversing with Alexa, did you reveal very personal details of your life and that bothers you?  Do not panic, Amazon's smart assistant can now forget the conversations you may have had, using a simple sentence.

Amazon wants to preserve your privacy

  Amazon is stepping up its efforts to protect the privacy of its users after falling into a bag of dubious practices.  After allowing users to turn off the speaker microphone, this time the company updates to its assistant to let it lose its memory.

On the occasion of the release of Echo Show 5, Amazon said that Alexa can now scan its history by itself with a simple voice command,The user should only say a phrase such as "Alexa, clear everything you said today" or "Alexa, clear what I just said" according to the Washington Post.

 The Alexa conversation log could already be cleared, but the assistant could not respond to such a request.  It was then necessary to delve into the meaning of the Amazon Alexa application on his smartphone to clear the compromised conversations

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