Identifying Air Leaks (part 2)
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Friday, April 23, 2021

If you are having trouble identifying whether you have leaking ducts or not, here are some other pointers on how to single out the issue.

Dust Increase

Dust is a common nuisance in nearly every household and cannot be entirely removed. However, the situation can become especially bad if you have holes in your ducts. Having such vents means that the dirt is not only collected from the house atmosphere but other crawl spaces such as the artic where not much cleaning is done. In such cases, it becomes nearly impossible to maintain a house clean and free of significant amounts of dust.

Affected Quality of Air

Leaks serve as a welcoming ground for unwanted factors such as humidity, which is highly likely to lead to the growth of mold. When this fungus accumulates and spreads, it results in not only an unpleasant smell but also health risks such as respiratory problems and issues related to the nervous system. People that have asthma and other allergy problems can find it especially troublesome to live in such conditions.

If you notice any of these issues, call in a skilled air duct cleaning company to handle the problem before it gets worse and dents your finances even further.

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