Huawei's Ark OS operating system Revealed
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Sunday, June 2, 2019

After several conflicting reports over the past two weeks about the operating system of Huawei, the company has taken a step on the ground to prove its seriousness in this matter.

Huawei Ark Ark, Huawei Ark, Ark and Ark OS are trademarks of Huawei.

This move directly hints at the name of the next operating system, especially with the existence of OS in the end to be the system is the expected replacement of the Android system on the smart phones of the Chinese company.

With the exception of confirmation that it is operating on a new operating system for smart phones Huawei has not announced any further steps and time frame to launch the system, but is expected to remain with the company Android system and open a new line of the new system to be developed in a way to become mature enough.

Huawei registers the brand 'ARK OS' and other names, supporting the previous report of the company's custom operating system, the patent for Ark OS, the homemade OS intended to replace Android. The schematics provided by the manufacturer give us a first glimpse of the interface of the operating system. Check out the screenshots below.

In waiting more revealed features by huawai ...


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