Google The perfect spot for taking photos with UK landmarks
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Friday, May 31, 2019

Google has announced a new service for visitors to Britain and photo enthusiasts with London's famous tourist landmarks, putting them to signs from which the most appropriate tourist spots to focus when taking pictures in front of attractions in England.

According to the newspaper "Daily Mail", Google has collected data coordinates for the most appropriate sites that can take pictures of tourist attractions in Britain, with the help of a group of communication sites.

Google collected the data from its study of about 80,000 images from sites that took pictures of landmarks such as Trafalgar Square, Brighton Harbor, the Big Ben clock tower and other landmarks across England.

After knowing the exact spot, Google placed posters on the ground in front of the famous tourist attractions, setting the right place for the picture picker and the right place to stand.

The new service, launched by Google to launch the new generation of Google Pixel 3a smartphone.

In a survey conducted by Google in the collection of data on the landmarks of England, he found that the London Bridge was the most popular landmarks that tourists want to take pictures next to him, and then the University of Oxford.

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