Berlin the city of contrasts
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Friday, December 6, 2019

Berlin it’s a city that will leave a strong impression on you, a place that holds many stories on the surface for you to see: stories of East and West Berlin, stories of the past, present and future, stories of former tragedies and modern tolerance.

Today, Berlin is a melting pot of serious business, artistic expression, hipsters, incredible parties and, of course, a ton of beer!

Whenever I visit Berlin I always make sure I visit the follwing attractions:

The Brandenburg Gate is a neoclassical monument that has stood through the city’s history since the 18th century and it should be at the top of your list of things to see in Berlin!

As you might already know, the gate is a symbol of separation between East and West Berlin, – and is probably one of the most significant landmarks in the city! Be sure not to miss this historical spot and the photo opportunities it brings!

Berlin TV tower, also known as Fernsehturm Berlin, gives the best 360-degree view of Berlin. It can hardly go unnoticed as it is the highest building in the city!

Climb up this concrete jungle during sunset for a more scenic experience!

As with most of the TV towers around the world, you can have cocktails and/or dinner at the Berlin TV Tower Restaurant, which is a revolving one! If you are interested in this experience, you can book a table here.

Another historical site to visit in Berlin is the Reichstag, a place where the Parliament sits. It has a glass dome, which represents the political transparency of the city.

The entrance to Reichstag Berlin is free of charge, but be sure to book your visit well in advance! I booked mine (a guided tour followed by a visit to the dome) 2 weeks in advance and there were not many spaces left. There is no need to print your booking form, just show it on your phone at the entrance.

But of course, Berlin isn’t all about old buildings and political structures, tourists  that want to have a good time can always visit the old part of Berlin where they can find plenty of small bars and shops with craft beer and comfort foods.

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