Best Places and cities to live and work in Canada
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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Every year thousands of immigrants arrive at the Canadian International airports for sightseeing. Visitors love Canada because of its many beautiful scenery and landscape. Do you wish to get to Canada can do the job for you?

Where to reside?


Vancouver is an amazing city to stay because of its vegetation.

Culture: People from different cultures reside there. They also love engaging in games and sports.

Size: It has a population of about 680,000 and about 115 kilometres square.

Job: Expatriates worldwide can be absorbed in the following sectors of economy entertainment, telecommunications, agriculture, and lots more.

Living expenses:  Living expenses are about 40,690 Canadian dollars in twelve months. Accommodation here is high; a single bedroom apartment costs between 2,070 and 2,090 Canadian dollars in 30 days. The average transport fare in 30 days is about 70 to 100 Canadian dollars.



Fifty per cent of the population of Toronto are foreigners, and you can find people from different ethnicities represented here.

Culture: The presence of many foreigners has influenced the culture and tradition of the people of this city. The city can be described as a commercial hub and socially diverse. Visitors around the world come for sightseeing and snow sporting events.

Size: It has a population size of about 2.93 million inhabitants and 630.2 kilometres square land area.

Job: An opening is available in different sectors, including media, entertainment, IT, finance, technology and lots more.

Living expenses: Living expenses are about 45,380 Canadian dollars annually. The average monthly housing cost for a single room apartment in Toronto is between 2,260 to 2,280 Canadian dollars.



In Calgary, you experience American culture and systems of government which are visible in their everyday life. It has a low crime and violence rate and a great transport system

Culture:  Visitors troop in from around the world to experience their traditional festivals

Size: 1.3 million inhabitants and occupies 825.3 kilometres square.

Job: Expatriates can get employment in the economy finance, IT, media, education, construction, agriculture, healthcare, engineering and tourism.

Living expenses: The average living expenses between 33,755 to 33,955 Canadian dollars per year. Average monthly rent for a single room apartment is between 800 to 1000 Canadian dollars.  Bus fare in 30 days is between 100 to 110 Canadian dollars.



Montréal has cheaper housing.  

Culture: The two mediums of communication is English and French. The francophone community has about sixty-five per cent of the total population, while the remaining thirty-five per cent are the Anglophone community. The entertainment, tourism and hospitality industries in Montreal are well developed.

Size: Occupies 431 kilometres square and a population of 1.7 million people

Job: Expatriates can get employment in different industries and businesses here.

Living expenses: In Montreal, living expenses are moderately high. Average living expenses is about 28,000 Canadian dollars annually and a monthly rent of about 1,000 Canadian dollars.



In its overall sense, Canada is fascinating, and every time you spend, there is always worth it.

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