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Wednesday, May 29, 2019


(Westia ) : WestWest ♪  Your Article will Fly with Birds , westiapr.com  is a social media tool and OPEN Blog inspired by Storify that lets you create stories or timelines, News, Press Release, or sharing Media, video and pictures from a variety of resources like youtube, vimeo, or sharing links with full article.

The Project is adopted by "PHENIX TECHNOLOGIES" a web IT consulting office in Algeria, in mentions we own my private business including the Santranico Hosting the firm where Westia is hosted , so we prefer to have everything under our control, especially that our system insure automatic backup every 6 hours that mean we save data 4 times daily to keep, all data centers certified by ISO 9001 for quality and ISO/IEC 27001 For management of information security.

  • Free Open Guest Blog for public
  • Publish Free Press Release for your company
  • Share your your story, create your own content
  • Share Media, video, picture with ability to add full article
  • Create your own group, let other follow you.

Why Westia ? 

First of all I was a user on Storify, with name @MediaChance, early morning i read the last storify update  " we appreciate those of you who have contributed to our Storify community. We want to remind you that access to Storify will end on May 16, 2018 and the ability to create new stories will end on May 16." 

I was sad to lose my space to publish my blogs, news for my new projects, every business need at least an article or story shared for public, so it's invetable to find new solutions for me, for my public, and maybe other bloggers on storify, that's good that wakelet allowed peoples to collect and backup their contents before gone, really I don't know exactly what will be storify 2, and I appreciated how fast the wakelet app to retrieve all my contents, so I recommend it for everyone.

Next hours birds begin signing on my window, West ! west ... There I was inspired like twit twit on twitter, I have good imagination with birds whispers, so the namei choosed is : Westia and PR for Post and read, and fit also the term : Press Release, there how " Westia Born " in Algeria, for everyone need a space to share his story, news, as first release, it's enough and ready for use, the signup is totally Free.

As our projects are based on outsourcing lack of local capacity and experts, we hope to from web developers specialized on Github to get touch with and contribute to solve and Fix some issue with API for Google Login, Facebook login and some add optimization, also we hope from everyone user or developer to share a feedback about any issue on our app or website, what the user sees may not be seen by the programmer, any feedback will help to solve and make the service better for All, developers name will be credited, a platform for bug tracking will implemented next days.

Westia Features:

Any content, need to be reviewed and reviewed , once done, it will be displayed:

- Platform will bring your article, content, media to search engine automatically.
- You can have your own RSS Link to share in directory where you want.
- Other People will Rate your Content UP / DOWN like clap clap in medium


As well as other web resources. You can use it to pull together information on whatever you want, and can customize it how you want, then share your story on the site with your friends on those social media sites, on the Web or Using WestiaPress on Android , now from your mobile you can read and write your story, news, blogs, media, a simple made for easy to use.

Create your Westia account, select your interests based on the topics, people, and publications you follow, get lasted news with the tap of your finger.

Don't have a blog ? Start writing your draft in the app, and it will automatically sync to  wetiapr.com, edit, take last look with revision then send it to be published, Put your phone back in your pocket

Highlight a particular topic, Rate it,  share it with your friends, Join the conversation by writing your own comment just from the bottom of the content.

With WestiaPress, get found on the web, the website grow, you will grow with us, a ready service open for public, let Westia to be your cafertia, your cyber space, your book to read.

Mr. Khalid Abes, he is the PHENIX TECHNOLOGIES's CEO & Founder, a young Web entrepreneur & technocrat, Graduate of Master Degree in Communication & Digital Processing, with his innovative & creative ideas he has always achieved whatever he has worked on, many projects was release by one Man with long timeline from 2010, from the Notable projects, he founded first multi-purpose search engine with partnership with Google CSE program, this project still active, one year later, he founded " Facybulka ™ social marketing platform" in 2013 unfortunately was Shutdown in 8th June 2017 due of facebook policy and updates, the platform lost many features which make sales decrease and operating expenses outpacing the revenue, one year later in 2014 he founded biggest web hosting company called " Santranico " a fully automated service with Sales & Technical support backoffice and team in United Kingdom and USA with cooperation with LiquidNet and all it's data-centers facilities based in London, Chicago, Finland, Sedney in Austrial, and Sofia in Belgaria with Accredited Registrar by IANA, in 2016 He founded the PHENIX TECHNOLOGIES Company to adopt all management of his project, in known PHENIX Operate many Local activities B2B Network installation, informatic consulting, Web IT, Data-storage and supply and installation for Hardware and softwares, the last startup project is " Flysera Booking " a price compare application for Hotels and Flights with cooperation with many international companies, this year was with "Westia Press " will be our first Press Release website for our service and also will be a space for public.
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