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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Flysera Booking is a metasearch travel engine aggregator site and travel bargains established in Algeria with association with IATA ensured Online Travel Agency and booking supplier situated in Thailand, Russia, Greece, Lithuania, Thailand, flysera have over 2.5 Millions of properties around the world. include 800.000 hotels, hostel, apartments, villas and even camping sites,prices are under close control as we work with thousands of hotels and dozens of providers directly. Also, it means that flysera always have great offers for most destinations, also public reviews with TrustYou, the world's largest guest feedback platform, today released its most recent study on the importance of online feedback management and collection that shows that hotels can significantly impact their online reputation by collecting online reviews.


In October 2016 the official site of has been enrolled and first beta-site was propelled in the following day, The webpage is accessible in more than 41 languages, include english, french, and lastly arabic language has been added, more than 60 currency , the site look at flights and Hotels from many travel industry and carriers agencies for clients.

Flights Compare

flysera flight engine provide search & compare airlines tickets price from 1045 airlines companies & +300 IATA Certified travel agencies around the world.

Flysera Support Multi-City flight search to find multi destination itinerary for Round-the-WorldWe, as you can Book a flight for multi person or entire family in same time with simple clicks to define the number of travelers, as will have advanced filter & options on search results page to select the best & optimal flight for your by duration, time, number of stops, or direct flight, select connecting airports, airlines companies, and define the range of price, all paymet will be carried via safe payment gateway by Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American experess, or payment via Paypal gateway.

Flysera is Price compare that provide a free service with full transparncy, sometimes the most complicated and disquieting service is the service of booking airline tickets through intermediaries agent, so flysera does not sell tickets / bookings / etc, rhey don’t guarantee your satisfaction with your flight or booking because the provisioning of service is beyond our control, Flysera don’t charge you for anything, to the maximum extent permitted by the law of your country, fkysera disclaim any liability for any damages arising from your use of Flysera’s web site or from any aspect of your dealing with Our Partners for that there is a full Disclaimer that explain with full transparancy, your booking can be through with a known broker, and you may have already tried it like expedia for exemple or with direct airlines like

  • Adria Airways
  • Air Canada
  • KLM/Air France
  • Airasia
  • Bangkok Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Easy Jet
  • EgyptAir
  • Firefly
  • Happyair
  • Jetstar
  • Kanair
  • Nord Star
  • Orient Thai
  • Ryanair
  • SATA International
  • Scoot
  • Thai Smile
  • ThomasCook Airlines
  • Tigerairways
  • WizzAir
  • etc.


All of these are Available in a search, airline companies and agencies that do not transfer sales statistics to us (relevant as of 20.11.2017):

Hotels Booking

Flysera booking is safe hotels engine provide search & compare hotels deals from +12 booking systems, Flysera booking cover about 2.5 million residency units, amoung them 800,000 hotels classified by stars, and more than 1,248,000 apartments, villas and 477,000 hostels, it's easy to compare the price or hotels and grant safe reservation from the majors hotels booking partners & technologies provider such as,, Expedia, Zenhotels..etc, they is no way to worry, any one know the reputation of these service.

What matters when booking is not only seeking for good price, or a photo, with a description, to make a right decision that never regret We have taken the first step to assist him in this: we partnered with TrustYou, the German company that makes semantic analysis of opinions and reviews, and provides summaries of the most important points about hotels, the hotels booking is not a complecated operation like flights.

Hybrid Booking System
May, 13th 2019, Flysera opens up more options for travelers by integrating new Solutions for online travel agency (OTA), offered by TTG SLU via Subsdiary brand "" to handle all booking operation in first hand, as all reservation will be curated by a accredited travel agency through most used GDS "global distribution system" from Amadeus and Galileo.
To give the user more satisfaction and a sense of comfort with direct booking including travel insurance online With Intermundial ( Insurrance company based in Madrid- Spain), this Option Personalized services and travel insurance up to 30.000€ and more advantage customized on your booking GOLD or Silver plans, including cancellation insurance and additional travel assistance insurance.

About CEO

Mr. Khalid Abes, he is the CEO and Founder of Flysera Booking. Corporate Trainer and Web Entrepreneur. He is a youthful business person and technocrat, He is an Engineering Graduate in Communication and Digital Processing Branch, with his inventive and imaginative thoughts he has dependably accomplished whatever he has chipped away at.

Worked in IT Service Projects and Management since 2010, After his graduation he established web facilitating organization in 2014 situated in United Kingdom and Florida, Co-Founder Phenix Technologies Consulting Office in Algeria, His positive approach towards discovering some new information has helped him learning numerous things throughout his life.

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About Flysera Travel Meta Search Engine for flights & Hotels
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