Russia: Explosive factory blast kills at least 79 people
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Sunday, June 2, 2019




A blast in a major explosives factory in central Russia left at least 79 injured Saturday, June 1.  The explosion took place in the Kristall factory in Dzerzhinsk, a town about 400 kilometers east of Moscow, in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

 "There was a technical explosion in one of the workshops, followed by a fire that spread over a hundred square meters," said an emergency services spokesman.  Images circulating on social networks showed a huge cloud of smoke after the explosion.  Five buildings at the plant and nearly 180 residential buildings were damaged by the explosion, according to municipal authorities.  An investigation for potential breaches of security standards has been opened.

Shrapnel Fragments :

 The wounded were treated after being hit by fragments from the explosion, said a spokesman for health authorities quoted by Interfax.  "We are talking about shrapnel injuries of moderate and moderate severity," she said.

According to Kristall's representatives, five people were working in the area where the explosion occurred.  They were evacuated safely.  Local firefighters reported having no information about people still in the factory.

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